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The companyis engaged in cultivation of sturgeon and salmon species of fish for more than 20 years and has a huge experience. The most important advantage of the “Admiral” Complex is that, there are several types of business in one location, with a constant increase of income, which comes from:
- fish cultivation and sales;
- own processing, which gives and additional added value and further sales of fish products, also black and red caviar from the own producers;
- functioning restaurant in one of the most picturesque corners of Georgia;
- functioning hotel;
- constantly growing number of the complex visitors, ecotourism and agritourism;
- paid fishing for lovers and professionals of fishing on a mountain river and a mountain lake (photo);
- the sales of calcium-magnesium mineral-drinking water from the sources of the complex territory;
- the sales of SPA services and also treatment with the unique mud.

There is a project for the installation of its own HPP line, with the capacity of 130Kw.

Availability of modern equipment, vehicles.

Complete absence of debts.

Well-established sales system.

An absence of serious competitors.

Import volume 30 000 tons per year.

The local production is up to 2000 tons per year, which is 6.6%. An annual increase of import is 10-15%.

Therefore, already now, the potential of the domestic production growth in the country is about 30.000 tons. Business has a huge export potential. First and foremost, the potential client -rich Azerbaijan (there are huge problems with afresh water)and Russia as well, which completely opened the market for Georgian fish. With the existing infrastructure, the company can grow about 1500 tons of finished products. The mentioned volume can be significantly increased by installing an additional equipment for aeration and oxygen generation.


The legislation of Georgia welcomes foreign investments and it exemptions from value added tax. Zero % rate for product export. Simplified business registration.

There is a signed document with European countries for “free trade”, which implies, there are not any quotas (restrictions) for fish or any fish product supply to European Union from Georgia.

“NEWS FOR INVESTORS”– in case of investing in Georgia funds from 300 000 GEL (158 000$),a foreign investor and his family members will receive a permanent residence card (by the simplified procedure).

Required documents in the Ministry of Justice for obtaining a Permanent Residence Card:
a) audit conclusion on investment;
b) 3 recommendation letters from Georgian legal entities or any of the Ministries, 2 photos, notarized translation of the passport, an extract from the registry about available assets.

Location – Georgia

Ecologically clean area.
It is unparalleled in the Caucasus with the volume of the purest high-precision mountain water.
The best location by logistics: 30 km away from the capital of Georgia-Tbilisi.

You can BUY uterine herd of Siberian sturgeon.

If you would like to buy uterine herd of Siberian sturgeon from eco farm in Georgia - just contact us.


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